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Ukrainian cuisine
7 most popular Ukrainian dishes
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Ukrainian cooking is varied, rich and nourishing. Its development was influenced by the development of material culture: geographical and climatic conditions, plant cultivation and animal domestication, cultural influences and economic relations with other countries.
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Ukrainians adore pickled fruit and berries and some kinds of vegetables
Since ancient times Ukrainians have led a settled style of life based on farming. Archaeological evidence shows that wheat, barley and millet were grown in Ukraine 3000 years ago. Rye was introduced about 2000 years ago, and then buckwheat was imported from Asia in the 11th century. Cattle, sheep, hogs and poultry were raised at that time too. Beekeeping, hunting and fishing were practised.
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Herring under fur coat is extremely popular , especially for a New Year celebration.
Since long ago bread has had a special, primary position in the great variety of Ukrainian food. Besides ordinary bread Ukrainians bake various ritual types of bread. Ukrainian bread in its multiform has become quite famous. For the common people bread is an object of reverence. Bread is used to bring divine blessings to the commencement of every task, mar­riage ceremony, birth of a child and move to a new home. As a sign of hospitality, guests of honour are greeted with a ceremonial offering of bread and salt
Pelmeny (stuffed dumplings) and vareniky are the essential part of Ukrainian cuisine. The fillings can vary , beginning from any kind of meat and ending with fruit –filled dumplings which are served cold with sour cream or honey.
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Meat is Ukrainians' favourite. At the risk of offending vegetarians, a description of the Ukrainian cuisine would be incomplete without salo – pork lard.See the recipe of roasted pork.
Cooked cereals - wheat, barley, buckwheat, millet, or corn grits — are often served in Ukrainian homes.
Favourite dishes made of flour are dumplings and 'varenyky" with various types of filling: cheese, potatoes, ;cabbage, meat, buckwheat, berries.
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Potato is the most commonly used vegetable in Ukrainian cooking. It is a necessary component of all soups, particularly borsch and cabbage soup. Boiled or baked potatoes are served with meat, fish, cheese, cabbage, mushrooms. Potato pancakes are served with sour cream. Another important element in Ukrainian cuisine cabbage: for making cabbage soup and cabbage rolls (holubtsi), which are filled with buckwheat, rice or meat. Other vegetables such as onions, garlic, carrots, turnips are usually eaten raw. Cucumbers, cabbage, tomatoes and beets are pickled for winter.
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According to the Ukrainian tradition soup or borsch must be served for dinner. Various soups are popular, but borsch remains the favorite. It is made of vegetables, .among which beets and cabbage are predominant.
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